Wednesday, June 17, 2009

His Plan

Maybe I am starting to see why God let me go through the Hellish ordeal earlier this summer. I think He wanted me to be at the Crookstons so that I could see an example of what life is supposed to actually be like.

God's plan for marriage and family can, in fact, work. This may seem like, "DUH" to many people, but I have never been truly convinced of this fact. It has been amazing for me to see the way things can be. It kills me that my family has been hurt in the process of me moving out, but even my dad sees that the Crookston's is a far better environment for me to be living in. He's just sad that "our family has never been able to be like that."

The Crookstons have been such a good example of God's love and generosity. They provide a sense of community and belonging that I have never experienced before. I feel as though I've been pessimistic about life, but living here has given me a sense of hope. Life can, in fact, turn out okay. God has been revealing His plan to me about how life is supposed to be. This is COOL. Getting to the point where I had to move in with them was a long and painuful road, but I can already see God using this in my life. I think He's going to work it all out.