Sunday, February 28, 2010

Word of the Day: Experiment

Okay. I have a hypothesis. What made my "Inside These Crookston Walls" blog successful is that I had a format to write in every day, so I was more motivated to actually blog. Therefore I am trying out a format on this blog as well. It is going to be called "Word of the Day." I will pick a word that sums up my day, and then explain why. Easy as pie, right? I should have no problem updating my blog every day now, right?

Well, we shall see. That's why the word of the day today is "experiment." We shall see how this works.

I mean, I do want to remember college. For instance, I could tell you that this weekend was really fun. Rex and I reserved tuxes and bought his wedding ring (!) on Saturday, and then I had a wedding planning party with Charissa. YAY! Then Rex and I went to the movies and saw a movie about a couple who hates each other going into the witness protection program together. It was funny. And SEE? Now I won't forget that I did that because it is in this blog! On Friday night we tried Mike's Hard Lemonade for the first time, and it was DELICIOUS! Oh, and we went to Lou and Harry's Grrrrrrrrrrrrill!! Actually, we didn't, we just walked by it and thought it was a cool name. Well, more I thought it was a cool name. But don't you understand? Now I will REMEMBER that I think that is a cool name! This blogging thing is so's like writing my own memories. For instance, today I did math homework, but I don't want to remember that so I just won't write about it. Except that I just did. Blast.

I will have to work on this.

It shall be a fun experiment.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm Bad at Blogging

It's true. I am bad at it. This is sad.

Today I went back and read pieces of my "Inside These Crookston Walls" blog from this summer. I was laughing so hard - I had forgotten most of the stuff that happened until I went back and read about it. I was so diligent about keeping that updated, mostly because I knew that in a few short weeks the whole experience would be over and I wanted to always remember it.

Somehow I am not looking at college the same way. In only 72 days I will be graduating from college - that's just over ten weeks! Yet somehow I have not been blogging. I am going to forget everything that I did here!!! AHHHHHH!!! I don't want to forget - college is a BLAST. I need to be better at blogging, though. to remember to update this....not sure.

Plus, I feel like "Sober Spartan" is so broad. What do I write about? It's like...freestyling. With "Inside These Crookston Walls," I had a format that I held to. I would nominate "Crookston Moments of the Day," choose my favorite one, and declare a winner. It was easy to keep up with and I never sat staring at a blank box thinking, "Hmmm...what should I write about today?" I was pretty much just doing a summer-long case study on craziness. I need to figure out a way to make blogging about MY life more successful. I just have so much more fun reporting on others. Plus, I'm getting married soon (86 days!), and I don't want to forget my first year of marriage. I'm totally going to need to blog about that. I mean, it'll be like "The Newlyweds" on MTV, only I'm not as dumb as Jessica Simpson and Rex is not a rockstar and we don't have millions of dollars and we're not getting okay maybe it will be nothing like "The Newlyweds." It would be cool, though! I totally wish that I could read a blog of my parents' first year of marriage - wouldn't that be cool??? But, in order to prepare myself for that, I need to get better at blogging!!!!

Suggestions, anyone?