Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Word of the Day: Chipper

I have been feeling really chipper all day. I'm not really sure why. It was to the point where people were saying, "Why are you so happy?" lol... I don't know. Here are some possible reasons why I might have been feeling chipper today:

1. I am getting married to the greatest guy on Earth one month from tomorrow.
2. My lovely coworkers threw me a WONDERFUL bridal shower on Saturday.
3. I got a popsicle maker at that shower, and I have had at least one white grape popsicle every day since then. YUM!
4. My wedding dress has arrived, and it fits perfectly.
5. My friend Beth got engaged, and she asked me to be her Maid of Honor (even though technically I will be a "Matron of Honor" since I will be married.)
6. I finished my two online classes
7. My future sister in law Michelle is coming to stay with me starting tomorrow until Friday.
8. I graduate two weeks from Friday.
9. Today Rex wrote me a note about how he sees Christ in my life.
10. I get to see my family this weekend.
11. Katie and I got to have a "girls night" to go see RENT, which was FANTASTIC! I'm still in awe...and currently listening to the soundtrack.
12. I got new shoes on Saturday.
13. I got a new shirt that makes me look like a canary but I LOVE IT.
14. Cindy was extra playful this weekend, and watching her eat her first popsicle was HILARIOUS.
15. God has blessed me in more ways than I can count, which is pretty neat-o.

So I think maybe one of those reasons is why I am so chipper. Or maybe all of them. Who cares, really?? After my string of bad days last week, it's nice to feel like this.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Word of the Day: Yuck

Despite my efforts in my previous post to make my week better through sheer willpower, it did not work.

Today was YUCK. A complete pile of doo. I had to take two exams of two hours each, back to back, with a combined NINETEEN PAGES of essay writing. No, not pages of test, pages of ESSAYS. My right hand hurts all the way up to my elbow. I got a voicemail after my four hours of misery that was from my dad. He told me that he was in Lansing and wanted to surprise me and take me out to dinner, but that I wasn't around when he called so he just went home. DARN! He was on an expense account too, so I could have gotten appetizers and non-water drinks and everything!!!! Plus, you know, I miss him and stuff.

So then I get back to Yakeley with 15 minutes to spare before I had to go on rounds. Well, rounds have been crap too. I just had to write up two of my friends from Bible study for underage drinking, and I don't even think they were drinking. They were in the room with alcohol, though, so they all had to be written up. GAH! That's the absolute WORST. So I wrote up the report and then decided to do some wedding chores online while I waited for my next set of rounds. Guess what? The bridal toolkit isn't working!!! This had better be a temporary problem, because my entire guest list, addresses, people attending, etc. is ALL on that site. If it's gone, I am complete toast. Burnt toast, even. I've tried getting it to work for the last fifteen minutes on every browser I could possibly try, and no luck. I've given up. I think the world just hates me today. I'm scared to go on my next set of rounds....what will I find???

Oh, and also: when I went to the caf for dinner, I knew that Rex was working in the dishroom. I thought it would be a good idea to get a tray, spell out "I (heart shape) REX" in M&M's, and send it down the conveyor belt. I did this, but at the last second the tray bumped the side of the conveyor belt and the entire message was ruined. I'm sure whoever in the dishroom got that tray was like, "What a dumb person to put all of these M&M's on here." Lame. I worked hard on that. There was even a smiley of M&M's below my message.

Crappy day. Bleh.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Word of the Day: Crap

This week so far has been utterly crappy. I keep waiting for something good to happen so that I can blog about it, but as of yet everything has been bad. As Rex says: "Somedays you step in it, some days you don't."

Well, I'm prancing around in it this week. Blah.

ANYWAY, since there is nothing good to write about, I have decided that this blog post is going to be the turning point of this week. Now that I have logged my series of bad days, I can start having good days again! TA DA! This will be a fantastic week, starting..............now. GO!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Word of the Day: Fun

What a fun weekend!! Here is a quick recap:

1. Friday: I went to work (where Rex showed up with a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of tulips for me "for no reason." YES! I love it when he does that!), and then Pancheros and Barnes and Noble date with him. While I was downstairs in Barnes and Noble picking out a book to read, Rex bought me a rice krispie treat from the cafe and threw it off of the balcony. It hit me on the head and then fell on the floor, but I figured it was still okay. 10 second rule, right? Also, Rex and I decided to play a game where we each picked out a book that would be fun to read together while we ate the rice krispie treat. Just like in one of those cheesy, over the top movie scenes, we both hid the books we chose from view and were like, "My book is better!" "No MY book is better! It's perfect!" "But you're going to love my book!" etc. etc. Then when we showed each other the books that we chose and....you guessed it....we chose the same book. HA HA! So corny. We laughed really hard. The book was a picture book from the children's section on puppies. What are the odds we would both choose that? Anyway, it was good, and the rice krispie treat was delish (even if it was kinda dusty - lol).

Saturday: TIGER'S GAME!!! It was so so SO fun. Please read Rex's blog for details on that...I really just can't do it justice like he did. After the game we went to Olive Garden for dinner, which we really can't afford, but Rex said that since we really couldn't afford the Tiger's game either we might as well just totally break the bank on our special day of celebrating nothing. Hooray!

Sunday: I went to church and heard an awesome sermon on Mark 5. After church my mom and sister came up to Lansing to be there when I got my WEDDING DRESS!!! It finally came in! It fits perfectly and I absolutely love it. I can't wait to wear it in only 40 more days! Cara got her bridesmaids dress too, and she looks totally grown up in it. Hooray! It was like playing "bride" when I was a kid in my dress up clothes, but more legit this time. :-)
After we got our dresses we went to my friend Elle's apartment because she threw me a BEAUTIFUL wedding shower! She worked so hard and made awesome food, and the cake she bought was beautiful. Also, it was approved by Lupe Izzo, who Elle ran into at the bakery. Wow! Special! I felt so loved by my friends, and we had a great time laughing and having fun together.

*PHEW!* What a great weekend. I'm exhausted, but it was so fun. Monday is going to hit me like a ton of bricks.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Word of the Day: Casino

I have found my new calling in life. I am going to move to Vegas and be a Black Jack dealer.

That is what I did between 8 and 11 tonight at West Circle's Casino Night. It was so fun! I was pretty much a pro by the end of the night. Also, some volunteers were in charge of taking care of the dealers, so they kept asking me if I wanted food or drinks or anything. SWEET! I just had to deal, and everyone else did everything for me. It's a pretty cush job, right? Right.

Also, at the end of the night everyone cashed in their poker chips for raffle tickets to win prizes. A guy at my table who had been playing all night only had enough poker chips for one ticket (other people had eight or nine!), so I gave him an extra raffle ticket for effort. Guess what? He won the digital camera! WHOA! Hooray for Vincent!

Word of the Day: Worms

Let me begin this post by giving you an approximate transcription of the phone conversation I had yesterday evening:

Me: Hello?
Rex: Get your rain coat.
Me: Excuse me?
Rex: Get your rain coat. We have a MAJOR worm recon project.
Me: Uh...worm recon?
Rex: YES! They're drowning all over the place on the sidewalks. I have glass jars in my room. We are going to fill them with dirt, save the drowning worms, and then dump them out on the ground when it is dry again.
Me: Let me get this straight - you expect me to go out in the cold rain to save a bunch of worms by putting them in glass jars filled with dirt I dug up........?
Rex: Yeah
Me: Awesome. I'm so in.

And that's just what we did. We went out in the rain and saved ~100 worms in five glass jars. They are now proudly displayed on my windowsill while we wait for the ground to dry out enough to release them again. Those lucky little guys. There were hundreds more out on the sidewalks today who were not as fortunate. I bet in worm social circles this rainstorm will be hereafter known as "The great worm massacre of 2010." Sad day.

It was fun collecting worms, though. At one point Rex said, "Do you a little bit feel like you're two right now?" "Yes." "Good. Me too. Just making sure we're on the same page." One of the best parts was the weird looks we got from people while we were picking up the worms. I mean, really...it's not something they see every day. Also, at one point we got to a patch of sidewalk where all of the worms were significantly darker than the other worms. Rex and I decided to call it the "Worm Hood." They are in our jar of "ghetto worms."

One time I was trying to pick up a worm and half of it came off in my hand - AHHHH!! I picked up the other half too and put them together in the jar, though, as if that would somehow fix it or something.

After we were done collecting our worms, we decided to eat Easter candy in my room and watch them wiggle around in the sides of the jars. It's kind of like an ant farm, but with more worms and less ants. It's actually pretty cool - try it sometime. Anyway, I unwrapped a chocolate, popped a chocolate in my mouth, and then realized that I hadn't washed my hands yet. EWWWWWWWWW!!! So if I die from some wormy disease sometime soon, you know why.

I hope those worms appreciate my sacrifice.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Word of the Day: Jake

Someone actually READS this blog? Crazy!!!! I guess I learn something new every day.
How, you may ask, did I discover that someone reads this blog? I will tell you. I got this message today in my inbox, which was addressed to me and Rex from his brother Jacob:
YOU GUYS ARE SLACKING! I look at both of your blogs everyday, and neither of you have posted for awhile! Haha, just kidding. It's really fun to read what's up with you guys. Peace out!

Well, clearly this is not okay. I have a loyal reader, and I am letting him down! AH! Therefore this post is dedicated to Jake in order to make up for the fact that I haven't been writing.


Here are ten reasons why Jacob Webb is cool:
1. He's kinda like Rex (they even got the same glasses...weird...)
2. He appreciates the finer things in life, like Brian Regan and Sonic slushees
3. He has a sweet collection of baseball cards, which includes some cards in SPANISH. Whoa.
4. He is strong...he and Rex and Tom moved furniture for my mom like it was nothing.
5. He's fun to talk to. Some sixteen year olds can be sorta dumb...but Jake actually has really interesting things to say and has a good outlook on life.
6. He provides lots of opportunities for me to get walking tacos when I go watch his baseball games. If he wasn't playing, I would just be a creepy person hanging out at the ball field and not cheering for anyone.
7. He has a very ambitious list of "Things to do before I CROAK," and I hope he does them all.
8. He goes to KAMSC. Anyone who goes to KAMSC is automatically cool in my book.
9. He always gets his money's worth at all-you-can-eat places.
10. He's good at sports....though I almost didn't put this on the list because he intends to use his athletic abilities for EVIL!!!!!!!!!!! (And if he is successful, I would have to...oh goodness I can't even say it....I would have to....root for U of M. Excuse me while I go puke).

So there you have it. Ten reasons why Jacob Webb is cool. Now, if you don't know him, go stalk him or something! You should be his friend. I never had a real brother, but if I would have had one I would hope that he would be something like Jake. As the situation stands, I'll just consider myself very blessed to have him as a future brother-in-law (and as a loyal follower of my blog).

So there you have it, Jake! I updated. I hope I get to see you soon! Come to State again! :-)