Friday, July 10, 2009

Poems About Things

Poems are super fun. I may not be a fantastic poet, but who cares?? This is my blog so I can write what I want. No one's forcing you to subject yourself to this sub-Shakespearean level expertise.

For my creative writing class I had to write a poem in iambic pentameter. Here it is:

Her Royal Cuteness

I have a rat; her name is Cindy Lou
She’s gray and soft; how friendly she can be
If she was gone I don’t know what I’d do
I hope she always stays so close to me

Sometimes she’s in a kind of cranky state
But mostly she just kisses and is sweet
We found each other; maybe it was fate
That me and my best friend would just so meet

See? Wasn't that fun? Poetry is fun. Here's my ode to working at KAMSC:

Ode to KAMSC

I get payed to work with play-doh
That is pretty fun, you know?
We make Oobleck and we make slime
We just have fun all the time
Kids learn something when they're here
Math and Science- give a cheer!
School can be so very fun
That students cry when the week is done
So every summer, kids make me smile
I hope I work here for a while

I love KAMSC...I am actually here right now, working in the office, but my jobs are done so I'm just hanging out. Yep, that's right. I am getting paid to update my blog with silly poems. This is a good job.

Here's a poem I wrote about drowning:


My lungs plunge into my gut
Searching for air
The water wells and swells around me
My sight sinks slowly
Salty tears press me from every side
And I don’t know which way is up
The loose ends of my hair swim sleepily
While my brain beneath them breathes
The last bit of oxygen in my body
The dreadful darkness dampens
And prepares to take me over
Something grabs my arm
Pulls me away from my tomb
Back into the light

Oooooh. Creepy, huh? I was going to end this post with that, but I figured that's sort of a melancholy way to leave you. I will end on this incredibly corny poem about farm life. I had to write it for a class and there were specific parameters, so don't judge too hard. It kinda makes me laugh, though.

I Just Moved Onto a Farm

I wake up to the sounds of ducks quacking
When I peek out the window I see sun
reflecting off of the morning dew
It cheerily wishes me “good morning” in harmony with the ducks
Chickens add their staccato
And horses whinny loud enough to wake the Queen of England
2,000 miles away
I roll out of bed and pull on some clothes
I have to go feed the animals
The goat’s fur is as rough as the straw they sleep in
And their horns threaten any unwelcome visitors
I am welcome, though, and they let out a happy bleat
Chickens gather round to peck at the goat’s food
Like old women at a clearance rack
I will feed them in a minute
The ducks splash happily in their kiddie pool
Which is the ocean in their farm duck world
The horses settle down a bit because they know I am coming.
Moving to this place made me nervous at first,
But the animals assure me I am welcome.

So there they are! Some fantastically awesome poems for your enjoyment! He he he...I love poems.

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