Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm Bad at Blogging

It's true. I am bad at it. This is sad.

Today I went back and read pieces of my "Inside These Crookston Walls" blog from this summer. I was laughing so hard - I had forgotten most of the stuff that happened until I went back and read about it. I was so diligent about keeping that updated, mostly because I knew that in a few short weeks the whole experience would be over and I wanted to always remember it.

Somehow I am not looking at college the same way. In only 72 days I will be graduating from college - that's just over ten weeks! Yet somehow I have not been blogging. I am going to forget everything that I did here!!! AHHHHHH!!! I don't want to forget - college is a BLAST. I need to be better at blogging, though. to remember to update this....not sure.

Plus, I feel like "Sober Spartan" is so broad. What do I write about? It's like...freestyling. With "Inside These Crookston Walls," I had a format that I held to. I would nominate "Crookston Moments of the Day," choose my favorite one, and declare a winner. It was easy to keep up with and I never sat staring at a blank box thinking, "Hmmm...what should I write about today?" I was pretty much just doing a summer-long case study on craziness. I need to figure out a way to make blogging about MY life more successful. I just have so much more fun reporting on others. Plus, I'm getting married soon (86 days!), and I don't want to forget my first year of marriage. I'm totally going to need to blog about that. I mean, it'll be like "The Newlyweds" on MTV, only I'm not as dumb as Jessica Simpson and Rex is not a rockstar and we don't have millions of dollars and we're not getting okay maybe it will be nothing like "The Newlyweds." It would be cool, though! I totally wish that I could read a blog of my parents' first year of marriage - wouldn't that be cool??? But, in order to prepare myself for that, I need to get better at blogging!!!!

Suggestions, anyone?

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