Saturday, July 10, 2010

The End

After graduation, life kicked into overdrive. I had two weeks to put the finishing touches on my wedding to Rex, then I married him, then we went on a fabulous honeymoon to Jamaica, then we set up our new apartment, and then we started work and are settling in to our new lives together. *PHEW!*

Pretty much, life is totally different now than it was when I was in school. So much so that I have decided to discontinue this blog and start a new one. I mean, I am a Spartan fan for life, but since I have graduated now that isn't really a defining factor of me anymore, so "The Sober Spartan" isn't really a good title. Plus, being married has opened a new chapter in my life, so why shouldn't it start a new blog? It's a fresh start. You can follow my new blog at I hope you do, because I am living with Rex now. Between he and I, I can only imagine the craziness that will be making an appearance on that blog. Check it out.

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