Saturday, May 8, 2010

Word of the Day: Remember

So many stories that adults tell start with, "Remember that one time in college when..." Well, I graduated yesterday. I am afraid I am going to forget all of my stories! So here are some that I am logging now so that I can remember:

Rex: Remember that one time in college when...

...we got in a smoothie fight. My winter coat is still sticky and smells faintly of raspberry.

...we carved our initials into that tree by the rivier.

...we bred rats illegally in my dorm room.

...we pretended to get in a fight in Meijer and that lady in the wheelchair almost hit you because she was so mad at how you were treating me.

...I threw your hat in the fountain and you dove in after it because your hats are like your babies.

...and then you threw me into the fountain as revenge.

...we interviewed all the drunk people on Grand River after MSU made it to the championship game in March Madness.

...we ate at Pancheros and then went to Barnes and Noble almost every single week and we never got sick of it.

...BTB closed and we thought it was the absolute end of the world.

...we had that statistics class with PK and just passed notes the entire time. (BTW, I would like it to be recorded here that I got a better grade than you in that class. I'm just saying. So what if it was by one percent? I still win.)

...I threw my ice cream sundae at you and pretended that I just found out you were cheating on me so that all of the girls in the caf thought you were a terrible person and then you had to go take your exam covered in sprinkles.

...I ran into a brick wall walking home on my 21st birthday.

...we dressed up Cindy for Halloween and Easter. bought baby Houdie and he jumped out of your hands and ran to hide in a bag of dog chow.

...I told my teacher you can deliver her baby, but luckily you didn't have to.

...we had a picnic in the garden.

...we went to two Tiger's games.

...we went to Michelle's place in Ann Arbor during the MSU/OSU game, and there was that one random guy cheering for State.

...when Swenson kicked that field goal to beat Wisconsin by one point and we were sitting twelve rows behind the goal posts.

...we raised $800 for the humane society by renting out puppies.

...we found that duck nesting outside of your window.

Katie: Remember that one time in college when... told me that "we are going to be BEST FRIENDS" on the day that you met me, and I was totally freaked out. made super cute fishbowl door decs for everyone.

...and made super cute tote bags for everyone. went with me to pick out my wedding dress since my family was in New Zealand, and we found that ridiculous bird hairpiece. I still think you should wear it. went to Bible study with me even though it took some serious convincing

...and you ended up accepting Christ a few weeks later. :-) called yourself a "delusional bridesmaid" and told everyone you are in my wedding. thought you were going to marry Kevin and had your wedding date set for April 30, 2016. finally met Cindy and decided that you must have a rat of your own.

...that one thing happened the night before we left for home while we were watching "Never Been Kissed," and we did the weird jumpy/screamy thing that is only okay in middle schools and sororities.

...we actually did become best friends.

Charissa: Remember that time in college when...

...we were roommates. made up a song for Cindy to teach her about Jesus: "Cindy Lou Cindy Lou Cindy Lou Cindy Lou-yah! Praise ye the Lord!" also went to help me pick out my wedding dress, and you were the only one who liked the dress I picked.

...we always had quesadillas and watched Brian Regan on the first day of school.

...that one time when the Wings guy was looking for "Room 1" but found us instead and we tried to take Rex and Josh's wings.

...we got engaged within a month of each other and asked each other to be bridesmaids.

...we made our "wedding board" and each had half of it to tack up our wedding ideas.

...we decided to save money by splitting a graduation cap and gown and also a wedding veil.

...I tried a million times to convince Josh that you guys should get a rat but he didn't believe me.

...we went to Macy's with Rex and tried on the most ridiculous clothes we could pick out for each other.

...we went on a double date to Chili's and talked about possibly trying to reserve a table for "MackaHolleWebAsel."

...we went to that Bridal Show together and took crazy pictures in the photo booth.

That's a fun game. Maybe I will continue it with some of my other friends later. Three is good for now, though, since this post is already so long. I love college. Oops, I guess I should say, "I loved college." Sad day. I already miss it.


  1. Christine.
    This is absolutely adorable. Seriously you have to be one of the best friends I have ever had. Oh and I also liked the dress you picked for the record. And did you have to mention Kevin? :D
    Any who, I love you very much and I'm so glad you came into my life, I am blessed to call you my friend.
    Remember walking to CVS with me plenty a times to get random things... and laughing and giggling the WHOLE time.
    Remember our words of the day, that lasted for um... 2 days.
    Remember living in the same building? I do.
    I am going to miss you so much.
    I love you!!

  2. I look at this about everyday just to remember you.
    I remembered a few more things.
    when you had your first and only bridezilla moment.
    when we thought it was a great idea to make wedding invitations.
    when we would chat about boys for hours.
    when I cried, I realize how vague that is.
    when I would visit you every Tuesday at the desk.
    when you called me and asked if I could turn in Rex's application for you because you got lost
    when you asked if I could walk you and Michelle back from the Library because you KNEW Rex would kill you if you walked by yourself
    when you got married :D

    I miss you.
    Come back