Monday, March 30, 2009

And now I know why it's called March MADNESS

YAY for MSU being in the Final Four - I am proud to be a Spartan.  I am so proud of being a Spartan that I figured it might be worth the money to go support them in Detroit this weekend.

I was wrong.

In order for me to go support my team, I need to have the income of someone who's been out of college for a long time - not the income of some broke college student.  There are tickets selling anywhere from $300 to $5,000 - tickets to a SINGLE basketball game!  Who spends $5,000 on two-ish hours of their life??  That's a down payment on a house!  A semester's tuition!  A trip around the world!  And they're going to spend it on a BASKETBALL game?? You could feed an entire third world country dinner for that amount!  Our society really is full of madness at this time of year.  People's brains get replaced with basketballs and all they know is "!!!!"  My season tickets for football were $146, and I was concerned about spending that much money on sports.  But twice that for a single game?  No thank you.  It's not as if people who don't go to the game don't get to see the outcome.  I can trot right down to my local sports bar and watch the whole thing on a big screen.  I will be able to see the sweat on the player's heads, unlike people at the game who are watching tiny dots run around on a far away court.  At the end of the game, my pockets will still be full, and likely my tummy will be full too with reasonably priced chicken wings - YUM.  I bet at Ford Field a cup of soda is $10 - don't even THINK about buying any food.  Yeah...BW3 is looking like a good option.

So to our basketball boys:  I love you, but not that much.  Good job so far and good luck this weekend, but I will be cheering for you back in East Lansing unless I win the lottery between now and Saturday.

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