Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I don't mean to be the girl who cried harrassment....

I don't mean to complain unnecessarily...but there's this guy at work who is seriously creeping me out. There is definitely a line between being complimentary and being just plain weird, and somewhere I think he has definitely crossed the line. First of all, every time I come in to work he greets me with something like, "Hello, Beautiful," or "Good morning, Gorgeous." I think he says this to all girls, but it's still just kinda weird. Next, he always comes up with something to say about my appearance. Here are a few of the most recent (in order of ascending creepiness):

"Your teeth are beautiful. You have a beautiful smile."
"Your eyes are your best feature - lift up your hat so I can see them better?"
"Your eyes are so beautiful, they almost look like Persian eyes." *weird look from me* "I said PERSIAN, not virgin. Don't think I said virgin. I don't think you have virgin eyes. Unless you want to, because I guess some girls like to be seen that way..."
"You're so skinny." *touches my stomach*
"I like those pockets on your jeans." *puts face and hands very uncomfortably close to my butt* "They're really hot."

After saying some weird comment, I attempt to engage in normal conversation (this never works). Here are snippets of a few of our recent conversations:

Him: Do you like toddlers?
Me: Yes
Him: Aww...even when they run around naked?
Me: Sure
Him: Well, you'll be a good mom.
Me: Thanks.
Him: When I was a baby, I ran around in my diaper and suspenders. I was probably really cute, wasn't I?
Me: Probably.
Him: I'll be a good dad, because I'll hold my toddlers. I like them, except when they're little s***s.
Me: Okay, cool.

Me: Do you wanna put this dish over there?
Him: Do you have a boyfriend?
Me: Yes, I do.
Him: What's his name?
Me: Rex
Him: Where's he from?
Me: Kalamazoo
Him: Is he nice to you?
Me: Yes, he's very nice.
Him: Is he black or white?
Me: White
Him: Oh. I wish I was your boyfriend.
Me: Um...
Him: You're just the kind of girl I'm looking for.
Me. Thanks...

And one time I licked my lips because they were chapped and he was all, "Oh, do that again..." Um...WEIRD. And sometimes he asks me really awkward questions like, "You're so strong - are you superhuman?" or "Do you think I'm delicious?" I almost replied to this one with "No idea - I've never tasted you," but then realized that this leads to too many other questions, such as "Well do you want to?" So yeah, it's just weird. And I mean, it's flattering to some extent, but it's mostly just creepy. To his credit I'm pretty sure something is a little mentally off there...but that excuse can only go too far. Generally the way my shift goes is that I work where I'm supposed to until he creeps me out too much, and then I go hide in some other area until his shift is over.

Is it any wonder that I want to quit?

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