Friday, March 20, 2009

To Do

I put "write in my blog" on my to-do list, so I am writing in it pretty much so I can cross it off of my list.  As I write this, I am watching MSU play some basketball...69-50 with 6:39 left in the second this is good.  They're pretty good at basketball so I've heard.  I went to a scrimmage this season but have never been to a game due to the INSANE hard core-ness that is required to be a part of the Izzone.  To do this, a prospective student must attend an all night party in the field by Case Hall which is held in September.  If they leave early, they lose their rights to buy tickets.  If they make it through the "camp out," they then have to attend EVERY game, and they can get kicked out of the Izzone if they miss one.  There have been people in classes trying to give away their tickets because they have so many exams the next day or something and don't want to go to the game but also don't want to get kicked out of the Izzone.  It's INTENSE.  Okay...enough with the capslock, me.  I just have never been to a game.  I hope to go someday, though.  Maybe an Izzone member will have tickets available on a day I can go.  That would be fun.  I've heard it's crazy.
Okay, as much as I love blogging...I think I would like to sign off now and watch MSU win this game on the road to the finals.  Adios, all.

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