Saturday, May 8, 2010

Word of the Day: Empty

Everyone is gone.

Campus is like a ghost town right now. I hate it.

All of the rooms are opened so you can look in and see the bare furniture and blank walls.

My friends are gone...Rex is rat is is bleak.

It is seriously eerie. I'm working at the front desk right now in Yakeley, the busiest desk in West Circle, and no one is coming by. I helped Katie move out today, and it was weird to see her room all blank and devoid of personality like all of the other rooms in the hall. It's just sad. I don't like being here alone. It feels wrong. It seems like everyone died and I'm the only one left behind. I have one friend still on campus (that's it! One!), but she doesn't live in my hall so it still feels totally weird. I've started packing, but it's just so sad! I'm not coming back again! This is my last day at MSU...WEIRD.

Still, being at MSU when no one else is here is no fun at all, so I really just want to leave at this point. I don't get to leave until tomorrow, though. *sigh*

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