Thursday, April 8, 2010

Word of the Day: Casino

I have found my new calling in life. I am going to move to Vegas and be a Black Jack dealer.

That is what I did between 8 and 11 tonight at West Circle's Casino Night. It was so fun! I was pretty much a pro by the end of the night. Also, some volunteers were in charge of taking care of the dealers, so they kept asking me if I wanted food or drinks or anything. SWEET! I just had to deal, and everyone else did everything for me. It's a pretty cush job, right? Right.

Also, at the end of the night everyone cashed in their poker chips for raffle tickets to win prizes. A guy at my table who had been playing all night only had enough poker chips for one ticket (other people had eight or nine!), so I gave him an extra raffle ticket for effort. Guess what? He won the digital camera! WHOA! Hooray for Vincent!

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