Thursday, April 15, 2010

Word of the Day: Yuck

Despite my efforts in my previous post to make my week better through sheer willpower, it did not work.

Today was YUCK. A complete pile of doo. I had to take two exams of two hours each, back to back, with a combined NINETEEN PAGES of essay writing. No, not pages of test, pages of ESSAYS. My right hand hurts all the way up to my elbow. I got a voicemail after my four hours of misery that was from my dad. He told me that he was in Lansing and wanted to surprise me and take me out to dinner, but that I wasn't around when he called so he just went home. DARN! He was on an expense account too, so I could have gotten appetizers and non-water drinks and everything!!!! Plus, you know, I miss him and stuff.

So then I get back to Yakeley with 15 minutes to spare before I had to go on rounds. Well, rounds have been crap too. I just had to write up two of my friends from Bible study for underage drinking, and I don't even think they were drinking. They were in the room with alcohol, though, so they all had to be written up. GAH! That's the absolute WORST. So I wrote up the report and then decided to do some wedding chores online while I waited for my next set of rounds. Guess what? The bridal toolkit isn't working!!! This had better be a temporary problem, because my entire guest list, addresses, people attending, etc. is ALL on that site. If it's gone, I am complete toast. Burnt toast, even. I've tried getting it to work for the last fifteen minutes on every browser I could possibly try, and no luck. I've given up. I think the world just hates me today. I'm scared to go on my next set of rounds....what will I find???

Oh, and also: when I went to the caf for dinner, I knew that Rex was working in the dishroom. I thought it would be a good idea to get a tray, spell out "I (heart shape) REX" in M&M's, and send it down the conveyor belt. I did this, but at the last second the tray bumped the side of the conveyor belt and the entire message was ruined. I'm sure whoever in the dishroom got that tray was like, "What a dumb person to put all of these M&M's on here." Lame. I worked hard on that. There was even a smiley of M&M's below my message.

Crappy day. Bleh.

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