Sunday, March 28, 2010

Word of the Day: Bridezilla

I spent eight hours working on wedding invitations yesterday.


Making my own invitations was a truly horrible idea.

To be honest, though, I actually had a really good time. Rex and my friend Katie helped the entire day. We sat in the staff office because it has a paper cutter to cut straight lines. By the end of the afternoon we had nicknamed it "the sweatshop" because we had been working at our little assembly line stations for so long. We listened to music online through only one speaker. The other one was broken. It's weird to listen to only the bass line of every song. We decided it sounded like a new radio station: "All weird remixes, all the time!" We were laughing about how ridiculous it was that we would spend our day surrounded in an ocean of teal paper, but I think it bonded us.

Speaking of bonding...we had an issue with that. In making some invitations last week, Katie insisted that we should use a glue stick to glue them together. The problem with a glue stick is that the paper dries all curvy, even if you try to put something heavy on it to flatten it out. It's not horrible, but it's not great either. Therefore I bought some double sided tape to use yesterday. Unfortunately, we ran out of double sided tape by hour three. Katie said, "No problem. We still have glue sticks. Let's just use those." I wanted to go get more double sided tape, but Katie and Rex thought that was a waste because the glue stick invitations don't look "that bad." After about five minutes of debating this, I said, "Okay, I haven't Bridezilla-ed on anything yet! Just please let me have the tape!!!!" So I won, and my lovely future husband got me some more double sided tape. :-) Unfortunately, Katie now joking refers to me as "Bridezilla." Geez louise, you get picky one little time and you're branded for LIFE! But come on - the invitations were drying all curvy! Who wants a curvy invitation?

By the end of the construction period we had three labeled piles: Invitatons ready for postage, invitations that still need reply cards, and JANK. The JANK pile is for the mess up invitations, like the one where Rex put glue on the wrong side of the invitation (silly - there's words there!), or the one where Katie addressed the envelope to the wrong city, or the one where Charissa wrote the address on upside down. We had some funny Janks, but I never Janked a single thing. HA! I win. I may be a tape-zilla, but at least the invites I worked on turned out okay! I'm not sure why we're keeping the JANK pile. I think Katie said she wanted to keep it...not sure why...but she can have it.

Looking back, yesterday was a blast. Hard wedding labor, but good times with great friends. Now I have a stack of teal envelopes ready to go, and I hope I never see teal paper again.

Except that people are going to send me back the reply cards. Blast.

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  1. For the record, I am keeping the jank pile because my invitation, reply card and envelopes are in it.