Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Word of the Day: Blogmania

Today I inspired two of my best friends to create blogs. HOORAY! This whole blog thing is spreading like the bubonic plague, but less deadly and more fun! I can't wait to read what they write. Katie's is "Confessions of a Delusional Bridesmaid" and can be found at www.katethebridesmaid.blogspot.com, and Rex's is "A Fistful of Real Life" and can be found at www.fistfuloflife.blogspot.com. Check them out! I think they're both awesome. :-) I didn't even tell them they needed to make blogs or anything, but I guess mine is so fabulous they decided they wanted in on the action. Lol yeah right...

Anyway, I am super glad that they are going to blog because I LOVE to find out what is going on in people's lives! I'm nosy like that, I guess. I mean, you are too. If you're not, then why are you reading this blog, huh? HUH? So there. You're nosy too. It's the fun way, though, not the annoying way.

Speaking of annoying, Rex and I had to miss MSU's Elite Eight game to go watch his friend Matt sing in the opera. That was annoying. I know that has nothing to do with blogging, but I want it documented that REX IS A GOOD FRIEND. I was very impressed. I was totally ready to bail at the intermission because I fell asleep twice during the first half (unless you're Matt reading this, in which case that's not true! It was AWESOME!), but Rex said we needed to stay even though we missed the whole game. Luckily MSU made it to the Final Four, so tune in this weekend to see how they do! I'm sure all my friends and I shall blog about it, now that we all have blogs. YAY!

One more random note: For the first time ever, while writing a paper on homelessness I learned how to spell Connecticut correctly today. Who knew there was an extra "C" in there???? I totally didn't! CRAZY!

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