Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Word of the Day: Koala

Rex was hugging me good night. I was holding on, because obviously I like him and I knew that when I let go he was leaving, and that made me sad. He said, "Okay...good, Christine, I have to go...uh....geez, stop holding on so tight; you're like a koala..."

And then it hit me.

People always ask, "If you were an animal, what would it be?" Well, maybe people don't always ask that. I feel like they do, though, because I never have a good answer and it annoys me. I mean, 99% of people answer that question with "A bird so I could fly." Sorry, that is lame.

But now, if God were to call me up and say, "Hey Christine, you're done being a human now. Time to be an animal - your choice," I would know my answer. I would be a KOALA! Just think about it! They're all fuzzy and cute. They literally just sit around all day and eat eucalyptus. I was in a rainforest in Australia this summer, and there is eucalyptus EVERYWHERE. It is not difficult to find. Plus, Australia is beautiful. I could totally live there. Also, what kind of predators hunt koalas? Have you ever seen an animal attack a koala on the discovery channel? Can you picture a koala running frantically away from a hungry beast? I can't. Plus, it seems like creatures in Australia are generally omnivores. Therefore, I would be safe to just chew my eucalyptus in peace. Maybe I would be a baby koala, and then I could just hold on to my mommy koala (a la Rex's good night hug) and she could hand me back some yummy leaves. That sounds like a good life to me. Yep, new life plan: become a koala. What do I major in for that?


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