Sunday, March 14, 2010

Words of the Day: Retardo Ducky

Yesterday was a BLAST! I will narrate the more important parts for you.

Rex, Cara, and I went to the grand opening of the new Goodwill on West Main. It was FULL of people; we could hardly move around. I didn't realize how many people love Goodwill! I'm not really sure what that says about society; I will not venture a guess. I found some great clothes, and so we (well, I) decided that we should wait in line because, even though the line was long, it would probably move really fast, right?

WRONG. It didn't. We stood in line at Goodwill - Goodwill - for about an hour - maybe even more. It was crazy. By the time we left we were best friends with the people in front of us and behind us in line, so it actually became a bit of an adventure even though it took forever. We were so happy to be emancipated when we finally escaped the store that we treated ourselves to pizza for lunch. Yummmm!!!

After lunch and after dropping off Cara at home, Rex told me to get in the car because we were going to "go for a drive." I asked where we were going, but he wouldn't tell me. He surprised me by taking me out to South Haven! It was so fun even though it was freezing and kind of rainy. It is, after all, the beginning of March. A lot of our friends got to go to some sort of beach for spring break, though, so Rex decided that we should get to go to the beach too! Hooray!

We started our day at the beach by going into the little shops in South Haven. The first shop we went into was a toy shop, and we found the cutest little rubber duckies. We had the BRIILLIANT idea of playing with the rubber duckies in Lake Michigan, so we bought one of each color - blue, purple, green, and peach. (These duckies get important later in the day)

After that shop we went to a shop called "Dog Decadence" where they sell dog paraphernalia. Dog shirts, dog mugs, dog treats, dog was actually kind of creepy. Anyway, I went to go look at a display of stuffed animal dogs. They were really cute, but then I just about had a HEART ATTACK when one of them jumped out at me! I spun around and said, "AH! REX! That one's REAL!!!" It was the store dog. I really thought it was fake, though, and it totally freaked me out.

When we went to the back of the store, there were two little black lab puppies. They were seven weeks old. They were soft and adorable, and a LUCKY Mexican family was deciding which one to adopt. Rex and I were jealous. We also met lots of other cool dogs: Brie, Dash, Edna and Earl (who are in love), and Willie, the grouchy basset hound who hates everyone but really liked Rex.

We had so much fun going in all of the little shops. In one candy shop that we went into, the lady beind the cash register said, "Hey, is it your guys' anniversary or something?" I said no. She said, "Oh, you just look all yippy skippy in love or something." That's a quote. "Yippy Skippy in love." I'm not even sure what that means, but I'm happy to be feeling that way!

After we were done shopping, we went down to the lake. We pulled out the rubber ducks and tested them out by letting them float in a little puddle that had formed in the sand. We named our blue one Blue Ducky, our purple one Purple Ducky, our green one Sparty Ducky, and we named the peach one Retardo Ducky because when we put it in the puddle it immediately flopped over onto its side. After they swam in the puddle, we decided that they were ready for the big lake. We held races where we would throw the duckies "out to sea," and then whichever one the waves rolled back to shore first was the winner duck. One time, though, the wind turned and the ducks weren't coming back to shore. We called to them, but no response. Go figure. Blue Ducky was safely at shore, Sparty Ducky and Purple Ducky were about knee deep in the water, and Retardo Ducky was about waist deep. They were all drifting further away by the minute. Rex said we should just leave them, but I really wanted to get them back. Therefore I instigated a "Ducky Recon Mission." I took off my shoes and socks, and I jumped into the water to save the ducks. I went knee deep and rescued Sparty Ducky and Purple Ducky, but I was hurting too much from the painfully cold water to wade out to Retardo Ducky. I ran back to shore and put the two ducks back with Blue Ducky. Rex was laughing at me for putting myself in pain to save some ducks. He said, "Oh, well. I guess Retardo is a gonner. Let's go home." I started to put my socks on, but I looked at that pathetic little blob of peach bobbing up and down in the lake and I just couldn't leave it all alone. I stood back up and said, "I will never leave a man behind!! Ducky Recon Round 2!" I ran out to get Retardo Ducky. I waded in up to my waist, and I whimpered back to shore. I will never again complain about a cold Lake Michigan in the summer. I have never gone into the lake wearing all of my clothes and a winter coat. Let me tell you, it was a COLD ride home wearing soaking jeans. Had it been past 68 days from now (my wedding), I would have taken them off, but with Rex sitting right next to me that would have been a bit inappropriate. Therefore I froze. The important thing here is, though, that all of the ducks were SAVED!!! Hooray!

We went out to dinner to celebrate our success (well, that and Goodwill had given us a coupon to Texas Corral as an apology for the ridiculously long lines). We split a meal, were totally full, AND had leftovers, and the bill was just over $7! What an awesome deal! We also had a fabulous time playing "peanut hockey" where the nuts on the table provided pucks, and our forks were the sticks. If you got a peanut to go off the table on the opponent's side, you got a point. My mom would have been very disappointed in our poor manners, but we were laughing so hard and making such a mess that I was concerned we were going to get thrown out. It was SO FUN! I bet our waiter was very relieved when we left.

All in all, it was a fantastic day. If you ever want to see our small collection of rubber ducks, go ahead and ask. We're really proud of the fact that we still have them all. :-)

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