Monday, March 8, 2010

Word of the Day: Congo

I just got back from hanging out at the Webb house. Prior to chillin with my future in-laws, I was at Panera with my future cousin-in-law Danielle for three hours. Three hours at PANERA. Wow. Anyway, she and her husband have one daughter (who is the flower girl in my wedding), and they have been trying to have another baby for a year now but with no luck. Therefore they are trying to adopt a baby from the Congo. Yes, a black baby. Yes, their very conservative, at times quasi-racist grandparents are probably going to take issue with that, but oh well. Congo babies need homes too! That became the joke for the rest of the night. When Rex, his brothers and I went to Sonic to get slushies for the family, we asked his dad what he wanted. Cherry? Grape? Congo Baby?

I, for one, hope they do it. Adoption is a great idea! As one who does not wish to ever have children, I don't think it is a good idea for ME, but I would fully go visit and occasionally babysit Danielle's Congo baby in the event that she gets one.

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